Why Localizer.Pro is the Leading Provider of the Ukrainian Language Services

© Pidlipska Ira, Modern Ukrainian Ethnic Art Designer
© Pidlipska Ira, Modern Ukrainian Ethnic Art Designer

© Oles Dmytrenko, 2020

Before we proceed, how about defining the criteria for "leading"?

In the era of populism, "leading" is often measured by the number of "clicks", "visitors", "likes" — you name it.

To be more serious, the second criterion many people want to see, I assume, is the "turnover" in terms of annual income. In other words, how much money do they make?

Thirdly, there's a quantitative criteria: how many projects an LSP (Language Service Provider) has completed or how many pages or even words (there are always more "words" than "pages") translated.

Four: who are the customers? This is a truly important criterion for those who want to have confidence in a prospected LSP.

The final fifth criterion is the provider's excellence in the field, the actual expertise.

So, when we search for the "leading" language service provider (be it a Ukrainian, English, Japanese, or any other language) — what are we looking for, really? Which of the five criteria would make the strongest impact on our decision?

Prior to answering that question I personally would look for:

  • the value he or she would create for me and my clients;
  • the needs they would satisfy;
  • the service effect on my reputation.

Clicks, visits, and leads sound great, but how would they meet my needs? The outlying turnover may be impressive, but how will it serve my goal? How would the endless lists of projects, pages, or words relate to my case?

I would probably start with one simple question: can I trust that service provider?

It takes time and history to build trust, we all know that. Yet there are two key factors that help to gain a minimal assurance in working with a new LSP: 1) other customers, 2) expertise.

In reality, it's the expertise that speaks for itself. True experts have the best references, a solid experience, and a good reputation. It's the expertise that draws top clients.

Therefore, as opposed to the "clicks" approach, I insist on the expertise as the major factor for choosing a language service provider, or identifying it as a "leading" one.

And Localizer.Pro offers exactly that.

Back to the question: why is Localizer.Pro the leading Ukrainian language provider? Because of its outstanding expertise in the Ukrainian language.

Localizer.Pro was established by the Dmytrenko family of world-known experts in the field. For example, Halyna Dmytrenko is the author of dozens of study-books on the Ukrainian language and literature, providing consultancy for the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Dr. Mykola Dmytrenko is a member of the National Writers Society of Ukraine and one of the world's leading experts in Ukrainian folklore, Julia Dmytrenko, Ph.D. in Ukrainian philology, is a member of the National Writers Society of Ukraine, not to mention other competent team members.

The expertise criterion is the core of Localizer.Pro's value proposition for all those who look for the "leading Ukrainian language service provider", in terms of translation, website or app localization, editing, copywriting, etc.

I'm convinced it's the expertise that defines quality. And it's the quality that ensures customer satisfaction, reinforces reputation, and fosters a long-term partnership.

So, you are welcome to choose us as your major Ukrainian language service provider, and enjoy quality. Get in touch with us, and let us create a true value for you and your customers!

© Oles Dmytrenko, 2020
Founder of Localizer.Pro
Kyiv, Ukraine

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